I am a researcher, designer, musician, and educator.
By day, I am a Lecturer in the Institute for Digital Technologies at Loughborough University London. ☀️
By slightly-later-that-day, I work as a semi-professional vocalist in the UK and Germany. 🌤️

Noodling around with sensors and voice tech. 🧶⚡️

what gets me out of bed

My research is in Human Computer Interaction (HCI), with my most keen interests in embodied interaction and movement perception. I want to understand more how people understand their actions, communicate with each other, and learn new skills, with the hope that we can design technology around these existing mechanisms.

Three questions that really motivate me currently:

  1. How does digital technology, espectially work with AI, augment and/or change action/interactions and existing human relationships?
  2. How can/how should we designate and identify technology’s role in different scenarios, depending on the needs of stakeholders and applications?
  3. How can we understand these dynamic roles of technology and people in the messiness of the world and our subjective experience?

I am especially interested in music technology and working with singers; I have incorporated much of my work into my own vocal practice. For me, the key aspects of interaction with technology are individual and come from our own unique backgrounds – with Feminist HCI at the core of my research, I aim to design and explore the relationships we have with technology while honoring subjective experience, the weirdness of bodies, and the messiness of learning and self-expression.

the story (so far)

I have had the privilege of working with many incredible research labs in my career. I received my BMus in Electronic Production and Design at the Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA, USA) and my MSc in Computer Science at Queen Mary University of London. I then completed my PhD in Computer Science at Queen Mary University of London in the Centre for Digital Music as a member of the Augmented Instruments Lab, led by Prof. Andrew McPherson (now at Imperial College). I was previously a postdoctoral researcher in the Sensorimotor Interaction Group (senSInt) at the Max Planck Institute for Informatics (Saarbrücken, DE) with Dr. Paul Strohmeier, where I am currently an Affiliate/Visiting Researcher. I also worked on the COSMOS ERC Grant at King’s College London, under the direction of Prof. Elaine Chew.

Some nice places I've lived and learned. 🌎


If I’m not working on music tech, I am probably goofing around and performing with it.
My solo project is called agouti, I compose with vocal textures and occasionally perform in London (hoping to do more soon!).
I also perform with my electronic improv group Hyphae, formed at the MPI, we perform regularly in Saarbrücken and are branching out to other cities in the EU.
I also sing regularly with the London Philharmonic Choir. 🎶

I love animals and have many pets, including a large group of fancy rats and two cats. 🐭🐱
I am also the caretaker for many many many houseplants. 🌿

phd thesis

if you want to read about what I became obsessed with over the course of four years…


  1. Reed_PhD_ImaginingSensing.png
    Imagining & Sensing: Understanding and Extending the Vocalist-Voice Relationship Through Biosignal Feedback
    Courtney N. Reed
    PhD Computer Science, Queen Mary University of London, Jan 2023