We’re back from the ACM 18th International Conference on Tangible Embedded and Embodied Interaction (TEI) in Cork, IE! 🍀

there and back again 🚢

In an effort to be sustainable, the Sensorimotor Interaction Group (senSInt) trekked from Saarbrücken across the channel via train to meet me in London, and then we took three trains, a ferry, and one more train to reach Cork and back - that’s a total of 7 trains and 2 ferries!

senSInt on the move from London to Holyhead!


senSInt presented some excellent research investigating material influences in eTextile interaction and designing wearables for investigating networks in music performance

Base and Stitch: Evaluating eTextile Interfaces from a Material-Centric View 🧶

  • Superstar Vineetha Rallabandi presented her MSc work which investigated the role of base fabrics in guiding gesture and their material agency in interaction with eTextiles.

RaveNET: Connecting People and Exploring Liminal Space through Wearable Networks in Music Performance 🧢

  • Rachel Freire demoed our RaveNET nodes - Bones, a wearable breath-sensing corset for voice, Tendons, a multisensor glove for gestures in bass-playing, and Veins, an EMG-based cap for facial expression - and their design processes.

Liminal Space: A Performance with RaveNET 🎤

  • Along with Paul Strohmeier and Valentin Martinez-Missir, we performed Liminal Space to demonstrate RaveNET in action.

Some of our tech: Rach showing off the RaveNET nodes during the demo sesson (top, left), Vinny with eTextile swatches used in the Base and Stitch study, (top, right), and some of our RaveNET setup from Monday's performance, showing off the Bones anti-corset (bottom).


We had an excellent time getting Blarneyed - kissing the stone at Blarney Castle is meant to give the gift of the gab! Hoping that we can use some of that for our future paper writing. 😉

Scenes of Blarney Castle and a wonderful day out, enjoying Ireland's lush green landscape!